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Vistana Flex Points

The Sheraton Flex Program is a points-based ownership designed to allow owners to own and reserved any unit type during any season within this group of six home resorts for which the owner has sufficient points.

Sheraton FlexPoints may be used to reserve accommodations at:

Sheraton Desert Oasis, Scottsdale, AZ

Sheraton Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs, CO

Vistana's Beach Club, Jensen Beach, FL

Sheraton Vistana Villages, Orlando, FL

Sheraton Vistana Resort, Orlando, FL

Sheraton Broadway Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC

Beginning at 12 months prior to the desired check-in day, Flex Point owners may request reservations at any of these "home resorts" for any number of nights and check in and out any day of the week.   For example, with Flex Points, you may request a 3-night stay arriving on Thursday as early as 12 months before your travel dates.

Resale purchases are not eligible to request stays at other Sheraton or Vistana Resorts not listed above through Vistana Signature Exchange (formerly Starwood Vacation Network) unless your resale purchase is "qualified" or approved in advance by Vistana as part of a separate purchase directly from the developer.  Many owners find a "retro' or "requalified" purchase of resale Flex Points, coupled with a purchase from the developer (with approval to retro a resale purchase into the Vistana Signature Exchange) provides a lower "per point" cost average for points than a developer purchase alone while allowing you to enjoy all of the Vistana Signature Exchange benefits.

To view the HomePoints chart for Sheraton Flex Points, click here.

Sheraton Flex Points may also be exchanged through Interval International.  Membership in I.I. is not included in maintenance fees and must be purchased separately.

For information on listing your week "For Sale, or "For Rent", 
please call
(602) 391-3423 or click link below to  submit a request online.

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