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Owner Benefits

No matter how much you love your Four Seasons vacation home, time passes, children grow, and interests change. Having the flexibility to exchange your Four Seasons weeks, to change when you travel, and where you vacation, almost always becomes a highly-desirable option during the course of ownership.

Four Seasons Aviara maintains an exclusive affiliation agreement with Interval International, the second largest timeshare exchange company in the world. Membership is optional but available to any owner who wishes to participate. For additional information, visit our Interval International page.


Although the resort's exclusive affiliation agreement with Interval International precludes their promotion of any other exchange opportunities available to individual owners, as an independent broker, Luxury Residence Club Resales continually seeks additional services and opportunities that add value and enhance the enjoyment of ownership for our clients.


After exploring a number of alternatives to Interval International, Luxury Residence Club Resales is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with THIRDHOME, the premiere exchange and travel club for owners of luxury second homes. For additional information, visit our THIRDHOME page.

THIRDHOME - Exclusively for Our Clients

Luxury Residence Club Resales is delighted to announce we are now offering COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP in THIRDHOME, a $2,500 value, exclusively to our clients.


As our client, upon close of escrow, you will be eligible to enroll in THIRDHOME, the premier private home exchange and travel club for luxury second-home owners at absolutely NO COST and with NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES.


Established in 2010, THIRDHOME offers over 9,000 residences in more than 1,100 cities across 87 countries. Residences include private homes, luxury condominiums, and 75 full-service, world-class resorts and boutique hotels including The Ritz Carlton Club .  


The average property value of participating homes is $2.3 million and many are valued at $5 to $10 million and more.  With no accommodation valued below $500,000, quality is assured, and availability for exchange is unsurpassed by any other program we know to exist.

Resorts like Four Seasons Aviara, with over 6,800 individual weeks of ownership, are simply too large to affiliate all owners without upsetting the supply and demand, but through THIRDHOME's exclusive partnership with Luxury Residence Club Resales, we are now offering a very limited number of complimentary memberships as a "thank you" to our clients.  


THIRDHOME is the exchange opportunity Four Seasons owners have been waiting for, and current prices at Four Seasons Aviara make it the absolute lowest price point for entry into this fantastic program offered by THIRDHOME.


There are NO annual membership fees or deposit requirements with THIRDHOME.  After you are enrolled, your only cost to travel to the exciting array of destinations offered by THIRDHOME will be your exchange fees.


To view the THIRDHOME website, click here.

Interval International (I.I.)

All Four Seasons owners may join Interval International (I.I.), an independent exchange company that allows members to exchange use at one's home resort to over 2,000 timeshare resorts worldwide.

As a member of I.I., you may exchange the two-bedroom, one-bedroom, or studio guest unit and request an exchange back into your home resort or to any other I.I. affiliated property for travel from 12 months before, or 24 months after, the dates of your deposited week.  

Because all Four Seasons weeks are designated Red (the highest season for exchange) by I.I., you may request any week of the year at any Interval International destination without being restricted to your season of ownership, i.e., a Gold or Silver week owner may request an exchange into Platinum season through Interval International.  

Being a "traditional timeshare" exchange program, with affiliated resorts of varying levels of quality, I.I. provides a list of approximately 75 resorts it identifies as being closest in quality to Aviara, and Scottsdale, primarily Marriott, Starwood, and Hyatt properties.  (Recommended Resorts for Four Seasons owners)

Many Four Seasons owners find the most valuable benefit of I.I. membership to be the three-year travel window.  This allows members who cannot use a week at their home resort in a given year to deposit that week with I.I. and request an exchange back into Aviara or Scottsdale in a different year.  As new weeks at Four Seasons are deposited with Interval International, requests by Four Seasons owners for exchange back into a Four Seasons property are given highest priority by Interval International.

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